Hello everyone,

so what should you know about YouTube upload default section?

First, it is a default setting for all your videos. So, whenever, you upload a new video – you can have some sections pre-filled – for example, description, tags and so on.

Second, you can set default settings for your whole YouTube channel – e.g. category, tags and so on.

Overall, it can be really handy!

How to access YouTube upload defaults?

1. Go YouTube Studio, then Settings.

Youtube settings

2. Click on Upload Defaults. That’s it.

YouTube upload defaults

You will see two or three tabs:

– Basic info

– Advanced settings

– Monetization (in case you are in YouTube Partner programme)


Let’s go through each tab.

In the Basic info tab you can set up:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Visibility (Public, private or unlisted)
  • Tags

YouTube upload defaults basic info

Personally, I only set up parts of Description and Visibility to Public, as all my titles and tags are different for each video.

In the upload defaults for description you can e.g. put links to your social media, channel subscription link, affiliate links, some default descriptions, etc.


In the Advanced settings tab you can set up:

  • License (Standard YouTube license or Creative Commons)
  • Category for your videos
  • Original video language, captions and CC
  • Comments policy (allow all comments, hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, hold all comments for review, disable comments)
  • Visibility of likes and dislikes

YouTube upload defaults Advanced settings


In the Monetization tab:

You can select which ads will be by default displayed on your videos.

– Type of ads (display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, skippable video ads – all these usually enable by default, non-skippable video ads – these you should manually check);

– Location of video ads (ads before and after your video will be enabled automatically, you can also enable auto-generated ads during your video – if it’s longer than 10 min).

So, every time you upload a new video to YouTube (via desktop) – it will be automatically monetized. Pretty cool!

YouTube upload defaults